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About Faculty

Split is a university center with approximately 30,000 students, 14 faculties, one art academy, three university research centers and an inter-university study. Recognizing the importance of science in development, for the last 10 years support for the construction of a university campus is provided, where almost all the faculties in Split will be integrated. University of Split is particularly proud of the latest University Library.

Faculty of Kinesiology has developed very rich scientific and educational activities for many years. The Faculty offers studies in which high-grade educated professionals in the field of kinesiology, qualified to teach physical education at all levels of education (from preschool to university) are educated. Also, students are educated to teach at all levels of competitive sports for children, adolescents and adults, and recreational activities for adults. We also are trained to conduct kinesitherapy procedures and programs for people with special needs. Faculty for many years has a successful international co-operation with the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport, University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education and the University of Mostar, Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education, as well as mutual cooperation with universities and institutions in Croatia. Our teachers participate as leaders and collaborators in a series of research projects.

During their study, students are introduced to scientific research by participating in research projects and scientific and professional conferences, and writing scientific papers. It should be emphasized that we encourage the education of gifted students in the field of measurement and data analysis, and monitoring the global reach of modern databases and the use of modern technology in programming and controlling the process of training. Thus, educated people will be able to scientifically establish the process of training in all areas of applied kinesiology and evaluate the effects of the expected use of exercise, especially in the area of ​​health, education, sports, economy.

All participants of this educational program, in addition to the above, are trained, especially through the group of elective courses, to run specific programs: a) programming, execution and control of training process in elite sport, b) programming, execution and control of sports and recreational activities during work process, in place of residence and place of residence outside (hiking and travel forms), c) planning, execution and control of specific physical activity programs for people with special needs, or d) optional programs of training of personnel for the specific needs of military or navy forces.

Students who complete undergraduate studies (180 ECTS credits) are named Bachelor of Kinesiology, and upon completion of graduate studies (a total of 300 ECTS credits) obtain a Masters of Kinesiology. In addition to undergraduate and graduate programs we offer a program of postgraduate studies that has successfully entered its third generation of students.

With approximately 800 students, over 50 employees and 50 collaborators KIFST is a respectable scientific and educational institution educating professionals, who represent the basis for the development of all areas of kinesiology and sport: professional sport, sport for health, physical education and kinesitherapy.

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